What will your carbon footprint mean in the future?

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Hello all you bloggers out there. While dreaming about the end of winter. “Spring has come and we all see our beautiful country turn a lush green, we marvel at the wonder of mother-nature every year in awe of her splendor and beauty. We all love seeing the return of the various types of birds and animals every spring. The new growth on all the trees and blossoming of all the fruit trees around our wonderful country”.

With the coming of spring there seems to be a spring in our step and a new hopefulness to all our plans and dreams. With this new energy we all start doing the things we love best, gardening, cycling, painting, going to gym or any other past time we enjoy.

We start to watch the nature programs again in the hope of finding out what’s new in the garden this year or where will be the best spot to take that family holiday. All we seem to hear about is global warming and carbon footprints on the planet. The oceans are rising and the polar caps are melting. One bad news story after the next. All the noise on TV does not make sense “let me help”

I know what you are thinking “How can self-storage have anything to do with this?” well it’s quite simple. I am sure you have heard of “carbon tax”. This is going to become a major challenge to one and all. The sum total of all our carbon foot prints is devastating the planet as I type.

I will start at the top and work my way down the list of things each and every one of us can do to save the planet. If we don’t, well your grandchildren will not forgive you for stealing their planet.

We as humanity need to change the way we think.

Just consider the following changes we can bring about at no real cost to ourselves.

As companies. Here at our large storage complex at Cedar Storage, we have already taken the following steps to reduce our carbon footprint. All incandescent lights have been replaced by LED lighting. Our Office geyser is off. We have installed AAA energy efficient appliances. We boil our kettle as little as possible and store boiled water in vacuum flasks. All our building use rational design for temperature control. They are also built with eco-friendly clay stock bricks. Which are fired with renewable energy source as well (wood). There is no lighting installed for this reason too. All building rubble is recycled and reused on site, all top soil is stored and reused on site where possible. Our office staff have undertaken to reduce printing and any other bad practices with regards energy and office wastage.

Moving forward in our quest to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet we aim to install thousands of m² of solar panels to supply the grid one day. We have aimed as many of our roofs to the north to facilitate easy installation. This can only become a reality when we can sell energy back to the government for redistribution. We also aim to employ people who live or will move as close to their place of work as possible. Less driving is equal to less fuel, more importantly less traveling time which also equates to better quality of life. We have also allotted an area for our tenants to put their waste products in separate containers for recycling. All unused goods left behind will be redistributed to the less fortunate in our area as well. Thus also reducing the cost of moving unwanted goods from A-B when it will only end up being discarded by its owner.

Long-term our employees will also be able to work flexi hours from home where possible in order to reduce their-spend on fuel and vehicle maintenance. This is possible since we have developed our own software to manage the complex from any point on the globe. It will again give employees the ability to plan and manage their time better. All for a better quality of life. Companies such as ours will be able to sell our carbon credits to other companies to increase our profitability. Always makes the bosses happy.

You and I as individuals, within the next ten years each one of us will be made very aware of our individual footprint on the planet. Installing solar lighting and geysers, buying local food products as they will have less carbon tax. I predict that we will need to drive cars with a much longer life cycle than present. Say 20 years and not 10 as at present. They will all be hybrid cars or full electric charged from solar. We will need to plan our bathing and cleaning times in our homes so as to use less energy from the grid as it will be unaffordable to the average man on the street. Using park and ride facilities with Solar charging on site so your car is always fully charged every day. Which will hopefully be supplied by a local energy supplier using solar collectors. Taking your home refuse to a local recycling facility to reduce the amount of landfill sites causing methane gas waste byproduct. I am by no means saying we will all live in utopia, but we can all make a difference. The sum total of each individual will impact the world more than you could ever believe.

In closing, we all need to make an effort to bring about change. Make better decisions based on what we know to be right and what we want to leave behind for our children. Just imagine you must build up carbon credits to go on holiday or an operation to save the life of your child. Let’s not get that bad. Let’s start taking action now. Just as we have here at Cedar Storage. We in the storage industry will make a significant difference in the future of your happiness as we are motivated to giving all a better quality of life. We aim to build storage facilities all around you so you can own a simple home and be able to afford those luxury items like motorcycles, bicycles and canoes etc. etc. all we need to do now is get the government to support our vision of a better South Africa for all.

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