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What a shocker, the new minister of finance predicts trouble ahead for the residents of South Africa as we will only achieve 1.8% growth instead of 3%. I wonder why that would be.

Well I am not here to praise Cesar but to bury him. We need to stand together and make some simple changes in our lives despite the total lack of skilled people in our management in the country. Let’s look at what we can do to lead the revolution to better management of local resources and people.

I know I have taken the following precautions to insulate myself from the effects of uncontrolled inflation. I have got a solar geyser to reduce my energy bill first, then secondly when there is no power I still have hot water. That is always a bonus. Energy cost to home R400.00 per month down from R1300.00 per month.

The size of my home has been reduced as well from 280m² to 70m². Cost of home down from R15 000.00 a month to R7 000.00 a month 50% saving cool hey.

I have reduced my travel time to work from 35 minutes to 8 minutes either way, in fact I am so close I will be riding bicycle soon to work and back as often as possible. Saving me around R1 000.00 a month. Even my maintenance bill for my car will be reduced by more than 60% as I won’t be traveling so far or by car.

What you may ask what does this have to do with the economy or you in any way. Simple we all need to reduce our carbon footprint as this is a fact around the planet. Furthermore if we all reduce our carbon footprint which equates in to cash in your pocket very quickly you will have a better quality of life sooner than you thought possible. For some of us it means we have that hour or two a day to spend with the family. Others may use the time to go to gym, cycle or run/walk for life.

Because you have more money in your bank as well you can now afford that new RV, Sports car or sail boat. You may even use the money for that long overdue holiday in Phuket you always dreamed of. If each of us reduce our basic cost of living by 30% over the next year you will be surprised at how quickly that overdraft or bank loan you took are paid off. Now you can start living your life to the full.

You now have the money and the time to enjoy your life so much more. The accumulative effect all around will be unbelievable in all our lives. You are now no longer working 12 hours a day to pay for an expensive car and a home you never see. You can take time to enjoy walks with the wife and see some sunsets.

Obviously you now ask what do, I do with all these fun toys I can afford with all my saved monies. Besides I thought we were making life simpler. Fear not I have that in hand as well. All around the country you have safe and secure self-storage facilities jumping up like Cedar Storage who are cost effective and convenient to use. Most of these storage companies have a variety of unit sizes to suit your needs from storing your Christmas things to your camping equipment or that awesome motorcycle you don’t want him to get hold of while you are at work. Most have some sort of access control and top notch security to safeguard those valuables. The cost to you is maybe 20% of the saved monies you have made from reducing your overheads to safeguard your family from rampant inflation and simplicity of a good life.

This simplification of life by letting a professional company take care of all your excess in order to keep your life simple as possible. Your goods being stored securely will also give you peace of mind that should you no longer need the large unit you could simply downsize or up size to your new needs.

If you had purchased a home with this space built in, it is fixed and costs a lot of money. To change this space required by you will be expensive to change. KISS (keep it simple stupid) has worked well for me.

So you may ask yourself how will this help with the minister of finance in 2015. Easy we will all be able to afford our cost of living. The NEW TAX will have little to no impact on our lives. We will have reduced the countries burden on fuel resources so reducing money spent to import the oil. Reduced impact on the energy grid means that the resources we have can be upgraded at a more realistic rate and cost. The only thing we cannot really reduce too much is our water usage as a lot of people don’t even have water. We should however make our gardens and home as water efficient as possible as well.

Just to add to the positive impact each individual has made the banks will also be stealing less monies from the poor employees of the world as they will be paying less interest as they don’t need loans and overdrafts to sustain a reasonable standard of living.

Just imagine when those greedy companies and politicians can’t ask you for more money to support the “American Dream”.

Have a lovely Summer. Anthony.


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