The festive season is here

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Well done to one and all, we have reached that time of the year when children are spoilt and adults go wild.

After 11 months of hard work, blood sweat and tears it is time to start to reflect on your year you have had. Take a moment to look at all you have achieved and what you set out to do for the year. Some years we don’t seem to move forward much and others are a blur of activity.

We have been very fortunate at Cedar Storage over the last few years as we have had phenomenal growth in the company. We have grown around 500% since May 2010. This year 2014 was a good year to consolidate and improve how we do things here in the company.

We have implemented an online booking system to make it easier for our clients to get the storage unit they want. The online storage booking system has also been simplified in that our valued customers don’t have to fill out reams and reams of paper to get a contract. The team here have also undertaken to do proper credit checks on all prospective clients as that is our first line of defense to keep unwanted elements away from your precious belongings.

The CCTV system has been upgraded to improve security as well. We have installed 12 new IP cameras and 2 Pan Tilt Zoom cameras to help manage the complex too. Not just for security but it gives the office employees direct sight of what is happening in the complex.

This slow time has also been used wisely inside the office with better training and better people skills being top of the list. We are very proud of our team that keeps all our loyal tenants happy at the end of the day and stay longer and longer with us. Our billing system has been improved and also our debt collection system. This enables small companies like ours to keep our prices honest and as low as possible.

In reflection I believe that all the people in our little company have had a pleasant year dealing with some of the best customers we could find. Thanks to you, the amazing people who work here could achieve results only dreamed of by many companies around the world.

Now that we have all had a good pat on the back and feel good about ourselves, we need to face the reality that Christmas is here in full color and sound. We have had Diwali and Halloween. The cold hard reality you are going to have to party hard and eat till you drop. What a nice thought.

As always you are wondering what on earth can self-storage offer me at this time of year? Well to be Frank (Anthony) we at the Storage Facility can offer you the best place ever to hide that new bicycle you bought for Johnny or that Pram for Sarah. We can’t store your diamond watch you bought the wife but that’s small enough to keep at home.

We have guarded all the garden furniture and umbrella’s all year, let rip the festive season and come get them. Set out your Christmas decorations and fill your life with color and joy. We have been looking after them too.

We here at Cedar Storage wish to take this opportunity to say thank you for storing all your valuables here with us in our Storage complex. We take great pride in what we do so if there is any way we can improve our service to you. Please let us know. We aim to have the best Storage facility in the world.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year.

The Cedar Storage Team.

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