The Do’s and Dont’s of Decluttering as a Family

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You’ve put it off for months, maybe even years, but now is the time to clean and declutter your house thoroughly. Don’t do it alone, of course. Better yet, do it with your family!

Whether your children are young or grown-up, decluttering with your children (or those who have recently moved back home) is important. Ask your husband or wife to help too.

Getting a family together to declutter can be really helpful.


Establish community goals and deadlines


The clutter didn’t happen overnight, and you won’t get rid of it in one go. It is essential to have a strategy to deal with clutter, especially long-term clutter. Decide with your family what you need to accomplish by when. Establish reasonable goals and deadlines that work for everyone. 


Maybe you could agree to get the kitchen cleaned up by the end of next week, and then donate old clothes until Christmas? Just establish deadlines so everyone can work together.


Decide when and where to declutter


It’s surprising what you can get done in twenty minutes! The prospect of having to clean the whole house might set off arguments in your family. Set up designated times for cleaning. Make these tidy times sprints, not marathons.


Put your phone timer (or kitchen timer!) on every other day for fifteen to twenty minutes. During that time, declutter. It’s all hands on deck! Get the corners cleaned, do the dishes, and get rid of things. As soon as the timer stops, stop with your family. No matter how far you are from finishing the decluttering, set a rule and follow it. There is no shortcut here.  


New storage systems should be organised


You might not have enough storage, which could be a problem. Invest in baskets, shelves, and plastic tubs. Speak to your family about what they want their home to look like. A super clean home? A manor with many shelves? When it comes to choosing storage, it is important to consider your ideal living space. Consider self storage for all the seasonal items that are taking up space. 


In Closing

Getting things out of the house is the ultimate great, but if you truly can’t bear to part with something, a new storage system is a good compromise. Remember to be gentle with yourself and each other. Enjoy your new uncluttered space.

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