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Good day to you all.

We have had yet another successful election here in South Africa. Time to get on with the job in hand to build a better world. Just some thoughts on how we can make our beautiful country even better for our children.

Let’s start with the simple things like saving energy and water. Both scarce commodities on this planet. If we all save 1ltr a day that would be 7 billion ltrs a day saved. This is without looking at heavy industry. We could impose a water tax on them so that it becomes cheaper to developed more efficient methods of production. Once the technology is developed it can be sold on.

Energy is the next one we need to approach. 3 years ago I lived in an old energy hungry home that consumed around R900 a month to run everything. I now live in a low energy well designed home that costs around R200 a month. All lights are energy savers and my geyser is a solar geyser which I switch on occasionally. Now if each private individual would do this imagine the billions of Rands we could save for that rainy day. My savings should reach around R7200 a year. With 10 million actual service payers in SA we would deprive Eskom of R72 billion a year in revenue. Wonder what would happen to those fat bonuses they pay themselves every year.

I have downsized from 300m² to 70m² to live in. Total savings on a monthly basis is around R4000. This gives me around R48 000 a year more to play with. I pay R12 000 a year for my storage unit and I keep all my goods there. All my bicycles and sports equipment is kept safe and sound while the storage company looks after the buildings, security and so on. I live only 2km away so getting things in and out is simple. I now have more time to use my toys as I don’t spend all my time maintaining a huge property. My quality of life has improved tremendously. Even my family life is better as I have time for them too.

So making some simple changes we can all improve our bank balance and lead a simple life. Begin a transition from a consumerism society to a happy one.

Granny Jean would always say “Be happy with what you got, not with what you wish you had”.

Just a thought in leaving you today: Why in a country with an energy crisis will the government not allow business to enter the energy market. If every company that owns a large roof area allowedrent that space to an energy company or heavens forbid be allowed to put solar panels on those rooves. Which could possibly supply the national grid with power we so desperately need. We would be able to alleviate the strain to Eskom in high load times, pay less for electricity or be credited for the power they supply the grid at a reduced cost to Eskom. Almost every country in the world has implemented this scheme with very good effect. Why does the current regime in South Africa lag behind. Big business like mining could then buy the carbon credits from these eco friendly companies. Which will then make them more viable moving forward.

How would you like your government to make a difference to your children’s future.

Your bunny hugging, tree loving Storage Guy Anthony

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