Off Site Storage as an integrated part of the modern urban lifestyle

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Off Site Storage Units could be the the answer you are looking for to de-clutter your living space

We’ve all heard about friends who finally plucked up the courage to de-clutter their homes or garages. We’ve also heard about how many bags and boxes of “stuff” they threw out (or gave away to charity) during the process. But what we seldom hear them talk about, is just how much of their past they really want to hang on to, whether for sentimental reasons, practical reasons or simply as a lifestyle choice.

After a few years of slowing down, the cost of property ownership is once again on the rise – and this begs certain practical choices. Most importantly, how much capital do you want to commit to storage space in your own home, garage or back yard? Particularly if the contents of this storage are seldom going to be used or even looked at. After giving the matter some serious consideration, there are few people who would choose building home storage over say a deck with a Jacuzzi, or a braai lapa, or even a swimming pool. Especially when there are secure storage units just up the road in Kya Sands at nominal monthly rentals.

With a “de-cluttered lifestyle” being a particularly precious commodity in the midst of the busy urban day-to-day routine, the use of off-site secure storage is booming. With Clients clearing out their homes, lofts and garages in the quest for “breathing space”, long-term storage units are rapidly filling up with a wide range of items so as to make the modern urban lifestyle more enjoyable. Some motorcyclists and Classic Car fanatics drive out to Cedar Storage on Sundays, jump into (or onto) their favourite petrol powered toys and head off for a trip to Magaliesberg or a distant game reserve. Others swing past to hook up their boats, pile in the skis, tubes and lifejackets and drive up to Hartbeespoort for the day. And what a joy to be able to simply return to the storage space, drop the vehicle, bike or boat off, lock the door and head home.

There are numerous collectors with more paintings, sculptures and art works than their homes can possibly accommodate who take full advantage of self-storage units as a way of rotating their precious art. Rather than risk leaving these valuables in the garage where the lawnmower might damage them, or in the ceiling where a burst geyser may destroy them, how convenient and reassuring to know they’re safely locked away in a private, dry, rodent-free and secure storage unit close to home.

With storage units of many sizes available, Cedar Storage is able to cater for the diverse needs of the ever-changing modern family. Whether you’re a young-family wanting to keep your cot, pram and baby stuff safe between children, or a retiring couple wanting to down-size and keep those family treasures safe for your children, there is a unit to suit you. So the next time dusty boxes of memories come tumbling down on your head while you’re searching for a drill or screwdriver in your garage, consider joining the long-term renters who have made off-site self-storage a regular part of their lives.

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  1. It’s amazing how one feels when you don’t see your “stuff” lying around all the time. I recently did a clean out and took advantage of the use of a storage garage and I can honestly say that I feel more organised. As a result of this I am being more productive.

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