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Never let your life be ruined by fear of losing everything

“The problem with the problem is not the problem, it’s the way you view the problem that is the problem.”

So keeping these two thoughts clear in your mind, look at what is happening around us all over the world. The English have Brexit, The USA have Trump, India has food shortages, Zimbabwe is in collapse. Here we have the state capture and down turned economy.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, we must embrace change and the forming of the new environment we find our selves moving toward. We all have less and less space to call our own, we have less place to keep our family heirlooms and other low value bulky stuff. Simply put we are being downsized daily by the ever growing need to accommodate a growing global population.

Now for my view on all this doom and gloom. transformation is not always easy, but we must adapt. In various stages of my life and I have only reached what I hope to be 2/3 of the way in life at 52 years old. I have so much I would love to see and do. I would like to show you how simple life and life decisions can be, I know that its not always this simple.

Back to the business end of this post, I have had times of plenty and times of not so much. So little as to say I was living rough a bit. I had nothing to call my own. So I know the value of sentimental keep sake’s like pictures and my children’s little things that bring back good memories. That is where my business today comes in. I am currently in the self storage business, yes to make money but also to take care of peoples goods they no longer have space for or that they just want to see if they can do without before selling them on.

Your local self storage company should have an affordable solution for you in order to store those goods and keep them safe. Many people have also used their space during transition periods and times of mega change (divorce, death, moving in to small place) you get the idea. So now we have established how we can make the change simply and affordably without letting go of the past to quickly or if you just want to keep it in case it’s not all you thought it would be. Keeping to the upside of life this is where making that big decision becomes easier and less complicated. You may not want to change everything at once, you know you need to change. Go ahead it is simple to do.

Give us a call or book a unit online, which ever solution suits you. Let us in the self storage business take care, while you get ready for the new chapter. We are here to help you.

Walter Reuther Quotes. There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.

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