Life Hacks for Storage Space

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Working from home can be challenging. You may need to convert some of your living space into an office.

We have sifted through tons of bedroom storage tips and products to bring you a list of some insanely clever bedroom storage hacks and solutions that you will actually want to DIY or buy — without having to break a sweat or the bank.

The result: a more spacious and organized bedroom/home office/closet/storage unit because let’s be real, we are all tight on space.

Read on and unleash your bedroom’s true storage potential. And, if Grayson Altenberg can maximize space in his 100-square-foot micro-apartment, so can you.

12 Life Hacks to help you with Storage Space

Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls.

This creates a perfect storage area for books, trophy’s and ornaments.

Clip binder clips onto your desk and store cords in their arms.

Keeping cords untangled, neat and tidy.

Opt for a headboard or bed with storage.

Perfect for the storage of linen and toys.

Store clothing items on shower curtain rings.

Making clothing easy to find and no taking up of valuable shelf space.

Add a few shelves to your living area.

Eliminate the clutter on the floor and on top of surfaces.

DIY a pegboard organizer and mount it to the wall.

Store jewellery, photographs and knick knacks lying around.

Suspend your bicycle from the ceiling.

Run out of storage space in the garage or if you don’t have a garage, make use of some ceiling space for your bike.

Install a shelf above your bedroom door.

the least use space in your room is prime real estate for storage ideas.

Store Your Shoes in Clear Boxes

No more missing pairs and perfect protection for your shoes, making them easy to find.

Create a Cork Jewelry Board

Necklaces don’t need to be tangled and earings don’t get lost.

Hang Double Bars in your Closet

Create double the hanging area giving you more room to declutter.

Screw hooks under shelving

Double up your kitchen storage space by screwing hooks onto the under-side of wall-mounted shelves or adding a rail to hang mugs

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