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How do you spell relief from the stress of renovating your home?

The reality of juggling a job and home routines while living with clutter, mess, dust, and endless tea rounds for the builders is often challenging. It’s no wonder some swear they won’t do it ever again. Others love the ongoing projects and the energy involved. Which camp will you fall into?

After establishing a budget, finding a contractor and agreeing on a design, the next major source of stress is deciding what to do with your belongings while the renovations are underway. When you’re considering DIY, it’s crucial to protect your belongings, since things can get messy pretty quickly. You will find dust, splashes and a fair number of knocks whenever you paint, decorate, fit new bathrooms, kitchens or knock down walls.

In the event that you have set up Fort Knox at home and nothing dusty is floating inside, the novelty of squeezing around boxes and locating items that are inaccessible or not knowing where anything is, wears off after a while. It causes unnecessary anxiety and stress for the family. Home chaos is prolonged by the overly optimistic timeframes and promises of builders. 

Despite your best efforts, dust sheets can slip off, and even a day’s worth of dust can ruin your belongings. Once you think you’ve cleaned away the dust, it settles again, and the entire process has to be repeated. Precious belongings kept indoors during renovations are also vulnerable to damage. Remove obstacles and use self-storage to keep things safe while contractors are on-site.

In the long run, renovating your home is worth it, as you will have more living space and a nicer environment. Your home may also increase in value. A major part of the fun is imagining what your home will look like when your renovations are finished.

While renovating your home, you can make the most of your space and minimize the stress of clutter. By storing your belongings in a self storage facility, you’ll be protecting them all the way.

So, with just a bit of planning, you can organise your belongings to keep them safe during your renovation work, and keep them out of the way so you can concentrate on creating your dream home.


It could be the perfect solution for storing your belongings from other rooms if you have room in your house that you don’t use frequently, like a guest bedroom. However, it’s important to keep a few things in mind…

Add time to the job: Be prepared for the job to run over-time and for the space to be lost for a while.

Fill the room well: Accessible items will be easier to find if there is a path around them.

Get practical: Put large items in the back, since they will still be visible, and all small boxes and belongings in the front (unless they will not be needed during the renovations). In the rush to get prepared, it is easy to overlook this.


By getting most of your content out of the way, you can improve the entire experience. Put it in your budget upfront, so you avoid large rental costs associated with moving out while still being able to access them.

You can protect your belongings by storing them off-site. When renovating your home, it is simple and easy to make the most of your space and minimize clutter. If you’re renovating, our service is perfect for you, and you can store for as little as one month or as long as you need. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of our flexible service to manage their office space for both short-term and long-term requirements.


Large furniture: Instead of moving large furniture into storage, you can empty out its contents and store them in boxes or bags. As the project progresses, this makes the furniture lighter and easier to move around.

Clothing:  Label suitcases by person and pack clothing by season. You should keep clothing that you’ll need for the next 3-6 months, including festive and formal wear.

Books: Always keep some on hand. They’ll make moving your bookshelf a lot easier.

Toys: Store them at home, but keep a box or two at home you can return fresh ones to play with and collect the rest.

Documents and files: Preserve any documents you are not required to share with anyone. Protect important documents with water-resistant packaging.

Hobby equipment: Large bags work well for storing most items. 

Small furniture: Items that don’t fit in boxes can be covered with large bags or sheets.

Kitchen items: There are a lot of appliances and items in kitchen cupboards that are seldom used. By storing all your belongings that you won’t need on hand during kitchen renovations, this can help save space.

Soft furnishings: Items like cushions, curtains, pillows, and bedding that collect dust easily can be stored safely until they are needed. 

Paintings and picture frames: Wrap and store them in our boxes.

Just a bit of planning can help you organize your belongings so that they remain safe during renovations and out of your way so you can focus on creating your dream home.

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