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Quote “self-storage is a symbol of what happens when we consume too much. We have too much stuff, and we’re paying the price.”

It is evident that some people think that storage is just a case of consumerism. I would however like to raise some ideas that could persuade the average person that what others perceive as “junk” will one day hopefully become a treasured item.

Realistically most items stored have little or no meaning to the other person. When we view programs like storage wars or storage hunters we know deep down that not every locker holds a fortune, if we look at the collectors who have found one of a kind items or items of cultural value in these lockers it becomes apparent that if we all had to throw away everything every time because we no longer like it or have a use for it at that moment. Then the world would be a much poorer place to live in.

Many decades ago we all had lots of storage space in and around our homes which would have housed those hidden treasures. That is no longer true as the cost of building additional space has become so expensive that the average Jo or Jo-Anne cannot afford to do so. The old sideboard granny gave you when she sold the big old house so she could move into the old age home, where will you keep it?

One day that old sideboard could become that piece that sold at auction for a million pounds because it was traced to come from a castle in France 300 years ago. Or it could just be the photo album you rediscovered from your childhood that had pictures you thought were lost. Each person will attach different value to their belongings regardless of the actual monetary value.

We at Cedar Storage would like to think we are the custodians of a lot of memories which some materialistic people would just throw away. There will always be a percentage of people who use storage as a last resort dumping ground to clear their homes and hopefully pluck up the courage to sell those unwanted items or donate to a charity who would have a use for the goods. From our own experience most customers store goods for good reasons. Let me give you a short list.

  1. Downsizing
  2. Relocating
  3. Working a contract in a foreign country
  4. Change of situation (divorce, death or lost their job)
  5. Live in small apartment but love sports and the outdoors
  6. Keeping an art collection for their home
  7. Collecting antiques for the holiday they are building
  8. Keeping dads old car till they can afford to restore it

These are just a few. Now if you had said 50 years ago that ford F150 pickup was going to be worth $50 000 you would have called me a nutter. So please next time you think it belongs on the junk heap, it could belong in a museum or on another-persons patio. Remember our fundamentals in greening this planet R.R.R. Recycle, Reuse and Reassign. Anthony. Storage-Pro (PTY). LTD


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