Heading into Winter 2014

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As the summer wanes and the evenings cool we all feel the end of our lovely summer is drawing to a close. The sun rises later and sets sooner every day and we feel that our days should be longer not shorter. This is a wonderful time to be alive. Just stop a minute and look around.

The leaves are changing color and the air is cooler to breathe. When you take a minute for that walk in the botanical gardens, don’t rush, slow down and really look. See the birds all scurrying around gathering those last few scraps of food before they migrate. The young fledglings are now almost full grown in their new adult plumage. Look also to surface of the water of the pond here we find water spiders hunting the last of the water fly lave before they mature and fly away.

Stop look and listen to the chatter in the trees, see the leaves of the trees are changing too. So must we. Look to our homes and families? We need to get ready for the winter change too.

Check all your doors seal properly against the wind, windows too. The gas for the heaters are full. Take special care that you have stocked up on candles and soup. This is going to be a cold one. Make space in that closet you use every day for that thick jacket and trousers you always wear. Move the lightweight T’s to the back and those soft cotton wraps and shirts to front. Yes you think I am jumping the gun a bit, remember we are already in April and the autumn sun is clearly upon us. Let’s embrace the changing season and marvel at the way nature changes gear.

So too we need to change gear. For those of us who live in flats and small homes we are the lucky ones, we have time to lay under the blankets with our loved ones and watch that program on TV which we recorded just before Christmas. Plan that summer holiday at the see or oversees trip. Living in South Africa we are very fortunate we can plan a short winter break in the mountains to a warmer week at the see. This wonderful country has all four seasons running in winter. We have the Drakensberg for really cold, Limpopo for moderate weather, Natal coast for summer in winter and Cape Town for the best wine routs and food south of the equator.

Winter is a good time to do that roof renovation or building project you put off in January due to the rain. We know it gets cold but never gets wet. Just pop those few items that need to be removed from your home during this time into your local storage locker and away you go.

So please all of us can make winter a great time to do those things we never did in the summer as we were too busy loving the sun. Winter is not a time to hide away and put on weight, it’s a time for change.

All change is good; we need to change with the seasons as they don’t stop. Wishing one and all a great start to a pleasant autumn.

Warm regards Anthony.


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