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Starting a new year with all the challenges that face us like school fees, e-toll, fuel price and many more increases. The team at Cedar Storage has decided to do income damage control. We offer the widest range of units at the best prices. Our offering of 3m², 4.5m² and 6m² units is aimed at the customer who just needs that little extra space when buying or renting a modern home. Our prices start from just R320.00 a month, no deposit and brilliant service to match.

We have also put 3D images on our website of each unit packed and unpacked to simplify your storage needs. Our philosophy is simple "why rent space you don’t need". With this simple idea in mind when you see what can be packed in our specially designed self storage units.

"Waist not, wants not". Granny Jean always used to say. So when choosing your mini self storage units here at Cedar Storage keeps this in mind. I was trolling the inter-web over Christmas as we are open over this period and discovered that all around the world people are having the same challenges with regards to storing those keepsakes, antiques, sports equipment and many more types of goods.

I read an article where a lady was running a mobile haberdashery shop and she needed a bit more space. She rented a closet storage unit where she installed some shelving (free standing) to put her surplus stock. Once she had removed all the stock from her flat and stored it in her unit which had a floor area of 1.2mx2.5m=3m² she had cleared her home and her van with space to spare so she put her summer clothing in as well. Now her flat is cleared of all the excess and she can now use the space as her home and not a store room. Total area cleared in her 65m² home was 11m² which gave her 16% more space.

The cost of the storage unit is R580.00 a month and to rent a bigger apartment of say 75m² would have cost her an additional R1200.00 a month in rent giving her a real saving of R620.00 a month.

The one thing that stood out about this article was not the savings but the improvement to her quality of life. She can now cook and bake in her little kitchen as this is one of her favorite hobbies in the world. That was when I just had to tell her story. Being penny wise and pound foolish would have meant the alternative to using affordable self-storage would have been living in a more expensive home with all the clutter of her business.

To those who read this article I hope this helps to save some time, money and a better quality of living.


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