Going “green” helps keep storage costs low

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Cedar Storage, conveniently located in Johannesburg’s northern suburb of Kya Sands, is continuing its on-going efforts to reduce the cost of storage through innovation and environmentally-friendly initiatives, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

A key consideration for Cedar’s clients is security, and for this reason, all-night lighting is essential. The recent replacement of these lights with low energy alternatives has seen the overnight power usage slashed by nearly 40%. Similarly, efforts to enhance their online booking system have seen a 65% drop in paper usage. Less paper used equals fewer trees cut down and a reduction in costs which help keep Cedar Storage’s rates so competitive. Rats are a known hazard in any storage environment and Cedar Storage continues to ensure that their Clients’ property is safe from rodents and other pests by using environmentally-friendly products.

Environmental awareness isn’t only about using more efficient and cost-saving technology. Plans to rehabilitate more than half an acre of indigenous veld started with the eradication of water-hungry invasive plants, and the planting of local water-wise plants and grass. The next stages include planting more than a dozen species of local trees and shrubs to complement the area. The impact of these initial steps is already becoming evident with a pair of nesting Blue Cranes and nearby breeding owls. Occasionally the benefits of “greening” are more immediately noticed on a personal level, as is the case with Cedar Storage’s own vegetable garden that supplements the healthy (and therefore more productive) eating habits of their staff. Every sick day avoided is a saving passed on to Clients.

“An awareness of the inter-linked relationship between Cedar Storage, our Clients’ needs and the environment in which we operate, are important considerations in our on-going efforts to be the storage partner of choice in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs” said Anthony McHenry of Cedar Storage.


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