Glass and ceramics in storage

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Here at Cedar Storage we pride ourselves on being as helpful as possible so your use of our storage facility is the best. We will be posting helpful hints on how you can store your belongings with the best results in keeping them perfect.

We will start with how to store glass items as we have had many requests from our new tenants in our brand new units which have just been completed for your use. We have built 138 units ranging from as small as 3m² to a whopping 27m².

Glass and ceramics in storage

We were all brought up to believe that paper was the best way to do this. However in the last 10 years products such as bubble wrap and packing sheets have become so inexpensive compared to those R100 wine glasses you like to use over the Christmas period that it has become viable to use these two products. We are in no way saying that you can’t use paper as filler or a separator.

We have found that bubble wrap and packing sheets which are paper with padding on the back work best for those irreplaceable items. When properly packed in a good quality storage box there should be little or no chance of ever having a breakage.

When dealing with fine china or very thin wine glasses it is best to fill the interior volume with packing sheets or paper. When the void or the inside is filled lightly it will support the glass well.

Once this is done we simply roll the glass in the bubble wrap individually so that we protect the outside from harm as well. This process is repeated when packing cups and mugs. Obviously when you have those lovely soup mugs that we all put back in May for the winter, normal paper is sufficient to fill the space however we still recommend using bubble wrap on the outside as the bubble wrap can be reused for the items you are replacing in your cupboard.

Ceramic plates and china plates are packed using the wrapping sheets cut to size so we don’t waste space in the box. Once all the plates of the same size have been stacked with the separator sheets you now simply enclose the stack in your durable bubble wrap.

Please keep in mind that in order to achieve the best results with these items it is always best to pack them like with like IE: glasses with glasses and plates with plates. We would also like to recommend that uniformly shaped items will also give you the best use of the interior space of the box.

A little tip from my Grandmother: is to line the boxes with a dust proof sheeting of some sort as she said that the African dust was like no other dust she had ever come across in her life and she was 82 years old and came from England. She also said that by reducing the dust inside the boxes you would be able to unpack them without getting your hands all dirty.

We at Cedar, hope this helps in packaging some of those valuable keepsakes we all like to keep safe.

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