Are your goods safe?

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Many people have asked this question. In all good self-storage companies you can be assured that the security of your belongings are safe.

Some key things to look out for are the following.

  • Did you accept the credit check terms and conditions
  • Did they ask for a valid copy of ID or other form of identity
  • Are they linked to an armed response

These are just three of many questions you can ask, we can add what type of security they have in addition to electric fencing, CCTV, off site monitoring, and is there access control?

These are the basic measures that should be taken, when you finally arrive on site look to see if the system actually exists. If you can’t see cameras they probably don’t exist. Is there a monitor in the office being monitored over the gates and perimeter of the complex?

Ask questions with regards to how they are monitored and if the armed response is radio linked or via a TELKOM line. “We all know what happens to copper wires”. Best is to have a radio linked system as they cannot steal the airwaves. What type of passive security is on site? Beams or motion sensors are good. We have seen great advances in technology over the last 10 years. They can have ranges from 10m to 40m radius or beams that stretch more than 100m apart.

All these little questions will give you an idea of how secure your goods will be in the companies care. Storage of goods has changed from people just storing unwanted goods to prized possessions. A far cry from 20 years ago where we would store mainly old furniture and toys to clear the garage or that family member who never seems to stay long anywhere.

The modern facility can store some large ticket items for people who have chosen to downsize for a simpler lifestyle. With the cost of living escalation at a phenomenal rate all around the world some have been forced to reduce their home size and find alternatives for those large expensive homes. This is becoming the norm and not the exception to life as land demands rise as well.

With this in mind we at Cedar Storage have taken the long-term view and installed the best we can afford at every stage of growth within the company. There are motion detection beams linked directly to radio armed response. We have also erected 3m high electric fencing behind 2.4m palisade fencing. Just for good measure we have multiple cameras monitored off site and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. “Aren’t technology grate?” We also have access controlled gates for your convenience and safety. All movement in and around the complex is monitored all day long by our diligent staff who understand we are looking after your treasured items.

I also need to raise another issue here and that is the fire risk in a complex should be assessed at the same time. We cannot ignore this simple but important aspect of protecting your belongings whilst in our care. Look at the construction methods used and make the judgment call based in some simple things like, are all the walls to the roof, are all the walls built from materials that have a long burn time (clay brick is best) such as precast concrete or steel, clay bricks at 4″ have a burn time of around 4 hours while steel will burn through in about 2 hours. Pre-cast concrete is prone to shattering due to its supper strong construction and rigidity. Do they have fire extinguishers at regular intervals and on all levels? Are the site operators trained to use the fire extinguishers?

Keeping these things in mind each individual must make their own decision as to how much security and how much money they are prepared to spend. Usually these go hand in hand.

We at Cedar Storage have made every effort to offer the same quality storage facility as many who are charging between 15% and 20% more than we do. This is in addition to being the only company to offer real online booking with active response to your cellphone and email. We will discuss how we aim to maintain our reduced pricing long-term for you our valued client.

Many thanks once again for taking time to get to know storage better.

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