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If it is worth storing it is worth ensuring!

Anthony here again. It has come to my attention recently that many self-storage facilities talk about insuring your goods. I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know. This simple act of insuring your goods before they leave the safety of your home/office or other storage facility is vital. Please make sure the transport company has insurance on your goods or that your vehicle insurance to tow your goods to the self-storage is covered comprehensively.

We ensure this is done not because of your driving abilities but of other road users. Believe you me not more than 20 years ago I would have been horrified to make these statements advising you to spend money on insurance. However, I have become a lot more aware of the importance of asking you to take care. The way the legal structures around the world are set up, it is to protect the idiot and not the average person (or is the average person now an idiot?) he he. Just kidding.

Joking aside, before the goods are moved, make sure you have insured them. Here are some reasons I make this statement.

  1. Should the goods leave the truck/trailer while driving it could hit a Ferrari and cost you 100 000’s of thousands in damage you don’t want to waste fixing that car.
  2. If a third party is injured while travelling between locations, the medical costs could cripple you or your business for many years.
  3. Good damaged in transit.
  4. The vehicle and trailer are stolen.
  5. You are hit by another vehicle?

This is just a few things that can go wrong. I am not a fear monger at all. I am just a realist.
Ensuring your goods are insured will also give you peace of mind when they are in storage. I know that sometimes we store memories and they can never be replaced but at least you can replace them with new memories.

Just as a foot note when storing your goods with a storage company. Make sure they do actually have all the security they say they have. Ensure the complex you chose has 1st rate security.

Briefly: cameras, motion sensors and electric fences all monitored by an outside service provider is a basic minimum to expect.

Thanks for taking time to keep up to date.


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