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For many decades people have worried over the negative aspects of a technological future. As we move closer and closer to this reality. It becomes more and more evident that we will have many new jobs to focus on. We will need technicians who can service and maintain the technology. People will still be required to create the technology and conceptualise the functions and to what extent they will replace or augment human involvement. Waste management will always be a challenge on how we deal with it. How can we reuse, re-purpose or recycle more and more. We can safely assume that self storage will become part of waste management as people will be encourage to not waste space at home keeping occasionally required items in the reduced home.

The work of tomorrow will have to focus on people. We will need to look at our education system more closely. So better teachers to, teach the children of the future. Teaching them more on how to think, rather than what to think. Theses will be exceptional educators. We will still need grunts like us to do a lot of the work required to keep the system running. We just won’t need to lift the heavy machines and try work precisely. We will be assisted by machines and computers ensuring that it is done within tolerance. The more exciting jobs on offer will be operating deep space machinery or deep see. Who knows working remotely on digging in mines thousands of meters deep from the safety of an office. Reducing the risk to miners. Leading to better productivity so therefore less time working. More time for family and friends or hobbies. We will need people to manage the items used for these hobbies and sports. They need to be stored away when not in use.

Problem solving and creating a new future. Every time we create a new machine/robot to do the work we create more jobs in the operators and maintenance people. People to build the machines/robots will need to be employed as well. These people will be more problem solving based people who can think and plan the future of our technology. Where we have one or two Arthur Goldstuck type people. We now need hundreds of them theorising and planning. These problem solving people will need to keep a creative eye on the human race to fit into the new future. Can you imagine the fantastic machines and mechanisims designed and built to manage and handle your goods left in storage. As more and more people occupy the planet. We can’t simply stop population growth. We need to manage this so we can handle the burden and cost of people who live longer better lives. They all still need housing feeding and clothing. Maybe even having a holiday now and then.

Negotiating will be a major part of daily life. The absolutely necessary people will have to be able to negotiate with many different levels of other humans. As we move forward I don’t see the great devide changing to much. We will always have 10% of the people managing 90% of the population. So obviously we will still need administrators. It will be streamlined and efficient. A big difference will be the administrators will need to analyse and negotiate for and on behalf of people who understand less than the system requires. I am in no way insinuating that the majority of people are less informed. It will just be that there is now a million times more information to sift through so a specialist negotiator is required and or analyst.

Dealing with real human interaction. Somewhere out there in the technological world will still be the human element. In order to help us adjust and become balanced humans we will now have the resources to train and employ more people to ensure sufficient human interaction so we never lose touch with being human. In the last 100 years we have become less human or more focused on the deal or making a profit for the company. It will be great to know that the family unit will be strengthened as there will be more time renegotiated for all before we start anything. Profit will also be calculated by the amount of success your employees have as human beings and not just the golden buck. We will need to help our children and grandchildren in some cases understand the need to relinquish old habits like owning a car or living in that mansion on the hill. We will need to help the human interaction people show them a simpler happier way of life.


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