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If we look at developments over the last 100 years on the planet.  We have gone from horse and cart to  landing on the moon in 1969. Since then we have sent mechanised satellites’ to many distant planets looking for life. We can’t say intelligent life as there is still none down here on earth (just kidding).

The people of the space ship earth have gone from the land line Morse code to satellite phones. We communicate freely with each other across continents and countries. We even have digital translators on the phone so we can cross language barriers as well. Orson Wells said it best. “A brave new world” is where we are going. The theory of 6 degrees of separation is becoming more and more a reality. As we communicate more and more freely with each other. We see a new phase in human social evolution kick in with the advent of the digital age. Things like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in and Instagram to name but a few of these mediums held in cyber space. People are connecting easier and easier. I am one of them. Some of my old school friends and collage friends found me and we have reconnected after more than 30 years.

In 2009 I received my first new laptop from Cedar Storage. Since then I have learnt to use excel, word and many other aspects of the computer age. In conjunction with several developers, hardware suppliers and service providers we now have the most effective online booking system in the country. (All local content). The software program is 100% South African designed, built and owned. Talk about lights switching my friend. I am on Facebook, Instagram and linked in. with these social media platforms I have recognised the importance of moving forward in the company.

If we chose to stay in the dark ages we will close our doors and our employees will move to where they can have some freedom to move and manage their working hours. One of our biggest motivators over the next 10 years will be how we deal with people (staff as well as customers) have we made the experience pleasant and simple? Have we dealt with them in a professional manner?

More and more as we find the people of the world go online to shop and do business, so to must our small and insignificant business of self-storage. The company I work for, Cedar Storage has given another company I work for the task of developing and building the online booking program and complex management software. We have been using it for 4 years now and have seen that from around 20% online bookings people have taken to the system well and now have 100% online booking of units in the company.

The software has been developed to be hosted in the cloud and made very user friendly to all South Africans. An added advantage has been that I can logon and work from anywhere in the world. I have helped clients while on vacation in France as well as while mountain biking in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa. My office is about 80% online already. Just one more little jump and the office of 2020 will be here in SA. The future is here…





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