Better days are coming

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With the launch of a better future for all. We at Cedar Storage have decided to take a step in helping the people who need just that little step up to make a better future.

Lets pay it forward for once in business. Stop waiting for the big boys to take the lead. As with our miles of smiles campaign we are probably just going to ignite a pay it forward movement. We say this as we have noticed that many people have followed our every move in our industry over the last 5 years.

We may just be a thorn in the side of Goliath or a source of inspiration for others. We just like to know we ignite change. The company management has decided to help people with the 1st month free rental in our little company. So simply put. Book online between September 1 2016 and October 31 and you get the first month on the house. Free, Mahala, for Nothing, Zip, Nada.

Why you may ask. Well simply put we have noticed we can take away the deposit money, and the first months rent. This will allow people who have had to deal with the effect of negative economic circumstances for the last 3 months leading up to our local elections. Maybe we can help some people who just need to find their feet by keeping their goods in an affordable, safe and secure place for a couple of months while they find that great job. No need to pay massive rental on a huge home you cant afford. You can down size from that R20 000.00 a month home to an affordable R6 000.00 to  R8000.00 apartment. Saving you a large sum of money.

You also have no fear that the 2nd hand shop will give you 10% of the value of the goods you don’t have space to keep in the smaller place you now call home. All those little things that have sentimental value rather than monetary value. You can now keep all those memories safe. With us.

We specialize in the smaller spaces you may need. We have a large selection of units ranging from as small as 3m2, 6m2, 9m2, 15m2 and larger. So before you land up in hot soup financially living in the mansion. Let us help you.

The team at Cedar Storage have made it their mission to help people in ways that will benefit them long term as well as now. Come join our friendly team in building a better brighter future here in SA. We have a can do attitude here in this beautiful country we call home. Let the weak run to Australia or some such country which offers you a life of little more than existing holiday to holiday. We in South Africa know we may fall from time to time but we also have the opportunities for greatness.

So take advantage of this very special offer we have for you here at Cedar Storage. Go online and book a unit to suite your needs. One of our friendly team is waiting to help you start a whole new future in a better South Africa. You can almost touch the new energy that has come with renewed sense of being in a truly democratic country.

Signing of for now,
Anthony and team.


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