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So we draw near to the close of another chapter. We have worked, cried, laughed and played. It is almost time for us to open our memory chest and review our years on this planet. No don’t be so glum it’s not the end it is actually the beginning of what you want to be.

This year has been a very trying year here at Cedar Storage. We have planned to expand and made every effort to do so. We have had the help of some wonderful people who may at times test your patience and rub you the wrong way. You know they are just doing their job and their best. They did not create the system they merely learnt how to use it, they are the masters of the line.

Lest I digress from the festivities in mind. We are adding 144 new units to our Christmas stocking this year. Then in January we hope to add another 144. We are only able to do this due to having the best clients in the industry. By motivating us to do better and provide the best service we now offer you with more affordable self-storage than ever.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have used our facility over the years we are almost done and dusted with all the building. We have added solar lighting to our list of green projects within the company. We are no longer dependent on outside supply for the new units.

We have also not taken a single load of rubble from site since 2012 which is also part of the company ethos to keep it green. Paperless contracts, online booking and many other industry firsts. No we are not the biggest or the richest in the business, we are simply striving to be the best. We at Cedar Storage would just like to say thank you to everyone.

With a new year around the corner, life is getting better. No I don’t mean richer I mean better. Make time for your family and loved ones, go on that holiday you have put off. Be the man of your ladies dreams, no she does not want the new X5 or M3. She wants you to take her away and pay attention to her and the kids. If you are lucky enough to be past that stage, climb that mountain you always wanted to. Have that holiday at the sea with wine and food that puts pounds on. Never forget to say thank you to you. We sometimes forget to just be us.

If you are a really lucky person, go and share these days with family and friends. Eat too much laugh too much and love too much. Show them that you care. For the newlyweds or youngsters who have just left home. Go to your storage unit and dig out those old photos and make a family collage or frame them for their new home. Give them a gift from your heart and not your wallet. It is time to use some of the memories you had locked up safely in your storage unit to give them a foundation to build new memories.

I remember a Christmas many years ago when we had only enough to get by on. So we all made presents for each other. The food that year was the best I remember. The gifts have faded into grey and the details of the day. What lingers in my memory was how strong the bond in the family felt. We all had a role to play in the home and we all did our part “well for the most part” as kids are still kids. You get that warm fuzzy feeling all over when we think of those festive seasons from long long ago.

So come to your storage unit and fetch those pesky Christmas decorations and get them ready to put up. Make sure the lights work and baubles are clean. Take away the clutter and clear some space. Put up the socks and Christmas cheer. When you see a stranger remember to greet them with a smile. Take the things you no longer need and give them away to make space in your heart and your life for the good things to come. Stop carrying the old things around you no longer want. Another person may find luxury in what you no longer like. As you all must have picked up by now, those who read my blog.

When you make room in your home and your heart you will be surprised what good you can let in. That is where we at Cedar are so committed. We want to help you.

So from a team of happy people who wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from us all here at Cedar Storage.


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