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Making space for the good times

Hello bloggers.

Sitting in the bush last week I had time to think about what is coming. Summer is going to be a hot one and I hope we will get plenty rain for all the farmers and some drought relief for our brothers and sisters in the Cape.

I realised that summer arrived suddenly when I was riding my mountain bike in the Berg and Bush trail. “Just had to brag a little” temperatures are soaring and the heat is already here. It was 31 degrees Centigrade. Not complaining though, I am tired of jackets and jerseys with long pants and socks etc. etc.  Time to get out there and have some fun in the sun “don’t forget the sunblock”.

Now that I live with my partner in our 64m2 home we need to put winter to bed. We need some space for the summer life I so love. Sitting outside on the patio drinking cold refreshments after a good day working. Listening to the barbeque sizzle and fresh salads to go with it. We will need to clear out the winter stuff.

I think putting up the inflatable Jacuzzi will be a good thing if spring is so hot already, we won’t even need to heat the water, it will be hot from the sun. Saving energy and money. Get home and just soak a little in the bubbly stuff will be a great stress reliever me thinks. Some ice-cold beverages and relax even if it’s just for a half hour a day.

Now all the heaters and blankets can go back to their boxes and rest in the storage space till next winter. I wonder if I will have space to keep a mountain bike at home with all this space now. Good time to move all those slow cookers and soup pots out as well. Time to pull out the mini grill and toaster to make quick light summer meals. Cold meats with fresh salads with seeds and fruit to keep it wholesome and fresh.

Maybe a good time to look at what we have in storage and see what can go to charity you know; last year’s fashion items are this year’s rags. I know I must review all my cycling equipment and safety gear that are no good to man nor beast. Have a look at some new water bottles and so on to. Just a little tip, if you use a camel back bladder, inspect it to make sure it was stored dry. You don’t need some foreign bacteria to spoil your summer. Don’t skimp with all the money you saved living in the small home. We save the money so we can ensure we spend a little on important things like bladders and new tubes for your bike or whatever you need to keep your hobby/sport safe.

Let the good times begin, summer has arrived, let’s make it a summer to remember for all the good times.




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